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veronica Mwega

veronica Mwega
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A great guide for beginners on FREEZER MEALS

Freezer Meal Tips for Beginners: how to package, and avoid recipes with these ingredients: -Casseroles and soups/stews with potatoes or rice; -Recipes with fruits and veggies with high water content (celery, cucumber, melon and lettuce);

How To Create A Vision Board That Will Change Your Life

It was never a goal of mine to get into the 800 Credit Score Club. I had credit card debt all throughout college and student loans after grad school.

Vision Board

Create your dream board! I’m about to make my most outrageous dreams come true. Because those dreams are the dreams that are at the core of my being and they deserve to come true more than any other dream!

How to make Thai curry completely from scratch! @arouseappetites

Learn how to make Thai curry from scratch in only 30 minutes! An authentic homemade Thai curry from scratch recipe, loaded with vegetables and full of flavor! Recipe by Arousing Appetites