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a wall hanging with many different designs on it's side and the bottom half
Frances Solar Metal Artist | Artful Home
Scrapyard Quilt 6 by Frances Solar. Made of stainless steel mesh, this quilt contains 12 linked squares. The elements that are stitched onto the squares are composed of copper wire, copper and brass strip, industrial scrap, and washers. A heat patina further enriches the metal colors.
a piece of artwork hanging on the wall with buttons and magnets attached to it
Supernova XIII by Frances Solar (Metal Wall Sculpture)
Metal Wall Sculpture - Stainless steel mesh forms the panel. Then a dazzling arrangement of metal circles has been stitched onto the panel. Bike parts, industrial scrap, coins, glass, bottle tops, copper circles from wire or sheet copper, and washers have been used, resulting in a unique, one of a kind wall panel.
a bench sitting in front of a white wall with an iron frame around it and a light hanging from the ceiling
a metal sculpture sitting on top of a rock
Find everything but the ordinary
an old fashioned metal candle holder sitting on top of a wooden table next to a building
Laser cut from and old milk jug, I'm guessing some kind of lantern from Ponoko Blog, image taken at Burning Man
there are many books and tools on the shelf
an old knife hanging on the side of a wooden wall next to a brick wall
The Butcher’s Block | Australian Design Review - coolest door handle ever! On the kitchen door would be awesome
three knives with pictures attached to them sitting on a table next to a wooden floor
Related image
an old rusty metal sign on the side of a building with letters written in it
Almost a windmill
a door handle on a red wooden door
Diy home decor Diy home decor
three different pictures of blue and green windmills in front of a road with trees
70 Creative and Inspiring Garden Art From Junk Design Ideas For Summer (1) -
70 Creative and Inspiring Garden Art From Junk Design Ideas For Summer (31) -
a metal bird sculpture sitting on top of a lush green field next to a pond