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Spiritual Warfare Bondage Breaking Prayer

Spiritual Warfare Bondage Breaking Prayer I Tami pray this in Jesus Christ name Amen ❤

The Israelites  were required by law to do this as a whole nation,once yearly its called YOM KIPPUR the day of atonement .

Today I have been directed to fast. Yes, God has been telling me that for quite a long time. I know He wants me to for a couple of reasons - some chains can only be broken with prayer and fasting. Prayer and fasting.

Praying for you! It's all going to be okay! He who started a good work in you will see to its completion!

Prayer before sleep. das a powerful bed-time prayer. And it's the Perfect One.

The Quick View Bible » What is Prayer?

20 Bible Verses about Prayer and an answer to the question, "What is Prayer" from the Quickview Bible by millie

I suddenly feel so inspired to like, run out into a thunderstorm with a broadsword and scream "For Narnia!" or something like that.. <------ you just made my day

Be a Warrior: Warriors are not born and they are not made. Warriors create themselves through trial and error, pain and suffering and their ability to conquer their own faults.

Waiting to some means sitting on the sidelines passively but that isn't what we are to do as we wait for GOD to bring our mate. HE wants us to grow, to become more of who we are in CHRIST JESUS. As we develop the characteristics of CHRIST in our lives, we become strong, caring and compassionate. We learn to trust and hope and love more deeply. Aren't those all characteristics of a godly wife? Relationships aren't about what we get out of them but what we bring to them. ~Annie

Daughter of God: ----- Wait for the man who has fallen in love with Jesus, it will make a difference in how he loves you.