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The Notebook. This part always makes me laugh! haha
Tuck Everlasting
Blue Valentine (2010)


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You Get Me


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fiftyshadesbabyyeahh: “As part of the promotional tour, Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, Marcia Gay Harden and E.L.James will visit the show “Today”: ▪️ 30th of January - E.L.James ▪️ 31st of January -...


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a woman in a pink dress with gloves on her hand and the words conversations with other women
Conversions With Other Women Poster (2005)
a man and woman laying next to each other on a couch
Polaroid poster
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a one day poster
Musical Film, Music Film, Film Stills
a woman in red shirt laying on top of a bed
the poster for tuck everlasting with two people and a dog in tall grass
a poster with the words before i fall written on it and a woman standing in front of a wall
the neon demon movie poster with blonde hair and pink eyeliners on her face
a woman in a red dress with a crown on her head and text reading red sparrow
Polaroid posters
Polaroid posters