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[MALAYSIA] Cape Malay Chicken Curry @Holly Hanshew Elkins @Holly Hanshew @Holly @Beyondkimchee

Cape Malay Chicken Curry Recipe | Beyond kimchee

The addition of canned tomatoes along with other pices bring a nice tang to this unique Cape Malay Chicken Curry recipe. This is a mildly spicy curry for everyone.

Malva Pudding: A baked pudding almost like a sticky toffee pudding. This is at the top of my South African recipes to try.

South African malva pudding with easy frozen custard - Simply Delicious

14 reviews
60 minutes

South African Malva pudding is rich, syrupy and absolutely delicious served with quick and easy frozen custard. The ultimate dessert.

My most searched recipe and most requested by friends and family! South Africa... Crunchies were my favorite “biscuit”—the South African term for cookie

Crunchies — Traditional South African Oatmeal Cookie Bars

Crunchy, chewy, toasted-oat-and-coconut squares of goodnessMakes about 48 2-inch bars or 56 smaller bars

South african coconut tart (Klappertert) #recipe -

Mamma's coconut tart (klappertert) - Cooksister | Food, Travel, Photography

A recipe for delicious South African sweet coconut tart, which I grew up calling "klappertert"


Coronado Concert in the Park - Out of South Africa

Our Out of South Africa theme was a nice change of pace this past Sunday. Many of our culinary themes this summer have been tied to the ba...

Love this! Peppermint Crisp Tart, South African Dessert - Cream, caramel, mint chocolate- Transkie mud.....

Love this! Peppermint Crisp Tart, South African Dessert - Cream, caramel, mint chocolate- Transkie mud.....

South African

South African Vetkoek | Make:

My post yesterday must have gotten me to thinking about not-so-healthy food in the Southern Hemisphere, because today, vetkoek was on my mind (pronounced

Tomato bredie recipe | South African recipes |

Tomato bredie recipe | South African recipes

Tomato Bredie is a traditional Afrikaans stew that is just too fantastic to describe. You must try this tomato bredie recipe, your friends and family will be in your debt

Bunny Chow- curry in a half loaf white bread. A Durban city speciality.

Bunny Chow and Buttermilk Rusks

What better mementos could you bring home from a trip than a handful of new recipes? They don’t take up space in your suitcase, and you’ll have them for years and years to come. From South Africa, I came home with more than a couple of recipes, but I’ve been very eager to share these …



Eintlik is dié lekkerte Australies, maar omdat my ouma dit só lekker gemaak het, is dit vir my pure Suid-Afrikaans!