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Nicole Philips

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Nicole Philips
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"One Direction Imagines/Preferences :) - He Calls You At 2 Am ~" by OMDLlove - "These are brief situations described with the boys :) Request anytime xx Enjoy :D

20 Cool College Dorm Room Ideas #USUMoveIn 40 days!!! Goooo AGGIES!

Entering a new school in college, the student is not unusual to stay in dorm life. They Share 15 x 15 room with one window is an unavoidable reality of higher

Her? Oh, she's a clarinet?

Aunt: What instrument would your cousin play on band? Me: Saxophone Aunt: Ugh! Me: Fine, percussion! My mind: But he would be such a good saxophone! (Based on a true story)

He looks so sleepy and cuddly omg.and his La galaxy shirt ughhh