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a woman's face made out of legos is shown in the dark background
Pixelated Masterpiece Paintings out of LEGO
When Vermeer was just a kid Papa Vermeer bought him a big set of Lego brand building toys. Now this was a long, long time ago, even before there were Star Wars trademark Lego brand building toy sets. This is the secret inspiration for many of his best-loved paintings. Van Eyk? Ha, Tinker brand toys. Who knows any of his paintings? [30-12-13]
an abstract sculpture in the middle of a room with white walls and shadows on it
Aram Bartholl
Aram Bartholl - Light installation Quid de reproduire la silhouette de l'utilisateur via kinect?
two electronic devices sitting on top of a computer motherboard with yellow and blue lights
3D type poster, 3D "A" letter digital art, awesome and cool set design artworks, with only one letter in focus, letter logo design inspiration ideas, using C4D (Cinema 4D). 3D typographic letter drawing illustration.
a pink cube sitting on top of a black floor
Daily render_ April 2017
make cool stuff everyday.
the concept car is shown in three different views
Best sport car. This cool and nice car. #car #coolcar #sport
the letters are made out of metal and red
Fullstop on Wall
Fullstop on Wall by Mohamed Reda, via Behance. Awesome 3d typography and type design
the front view of a black and gold race car
an abstract black and white photo of lights in a tunnel or structure that is lit up at night
عکاسی |‌ گالری
Aziz Abbasi
the back end of a car with hexagonal designs on it
Renault TreZor