Nicolas Rossouw

Nicolas Rossouw

Nicolas Rossouw
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Make Your Own Cleaning Slime

Make your own awesome cleaning slime! It's hard to believe that Slime can be useful to get things clean, but this handy little recipe will clean out the nastiest of hard to reach areas including keyboards (between the keys), car vents, and more!

KTM AX Concept. Yep I'll take two, one red, one blue. Ok the yellows kinda hot too

KTM AX Concept - would be a cool post apoc ride! Slap an electric motor in there with a solar charger and you got yourself a nice ride.

I feel like this is supposed to be funny cause he's kinda owning him while doing a wheelie, but if that's not what's supposed to be funny about it then I don't get it ... :/

Does anyone have the picture of the ktm adventure wheeling past the gs?