Abdullahi Mohammed with Mainasara, Ogere-Remo, Nigeria 2007. by Pieter Hugo

“The Hyena and Other Men” is a series by South African photographer Pieter Hugo, the series dipects animal wranglers in Lagos, Nigeria

Art by Mary Sibande, South African artist. | Pinned at www.africacrafttrust.org.za

South African artist Mary Sibande has done something amazing in her series Long Live The Dead Queen.

Claudette Schreuder

Carved and painted wood sculpture of three women standing side-by-side, each holding a figure. The figure on the left holds a head, the figure in the middle holds a small male figure, the figure on the right holds a baby.

Anton Kannemeyer

Anton Kannemeyer is a South African comic artist who makes images imbued with black humor, subversive thinking, and satire.

Mary Sibande

EVOCATIVE ART: ‘long live the dead queen’ series by mary sibande on display in johannesburg.the pieces are actually sculptures which sibande creates and then has photographed.

Jane Alexander African Adventure

Jane Alexander: Surveys (from the Cape of Good Hope) at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston Houston, TX

Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler's Bicycle Portrait of John Jacobs

Limited edition photographic print of John Jacobs

Edmonds bigs up Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler's epic photo-journalism book The Bicycle Portraits: Everyday South Africans and their bicycles, and reckons