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My thoughts on various photographic subjects #onsafariwithnickdale #wildlifephotography #photography
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I held my latest wildlife photography workshop at the London Wetland Centre this morning in association with Handmade Workshops. We had five people, and it was very enjoyable—I hope for them as well as me!


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The African buffalo is so dangerous that it’s been called ‘Black Death’, and it’s responsible for killing around 200 people a year in Africa. The fact that it’s so dangerous is one of the reasons why trophy hunters added it to the list of the Big Five, alongside the lion, leopard, elephant and rhino. #africanbuffalo #buffalo #capebuffalo
Lions like to sleep. And they do it a LOT - around 20 to 22 hours a day, in fact. This can be a bit frustrating if you happen to be a wildlife photographer, but it’s worth the effort! #lionfacts #lionfactsforkids
Abdim's stork


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What level of wildlife photographer are you? Are you a beginner, intermediate, enthusiast, prosumer, professional—or something else entirely…?! Here’s a fun quiz to see where you fit. It’s out of 100. Score a point for everything you’ve ever done, add up your points and check the table at the end to see what kind of photographer you really are!
"Well, that's the last time I'm flying Kingfisher!" Nick Odermatt
Submission Review - Nick Dale Photography


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I recently became an affiliate for Skylum’s Luminar Neo. This is post-processing software similar to Lightroom, and I thought I’d try it out to see what it was like.
Photographs are flat, 2D images, but how can you make them appear three-dimensional? Inspired by a couple of videos by Matt Kloskowski and Steve Perry, here are a few Lightroom tricks to create depth by separating your subject from the background.
Wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein thinks I take too many pictures, and it’s probably true. I once took over 38,000 shots of seabirds on a cruise ship one afternoon in Antarctica! Personally, I blame my Sony a1’s high frame rate—I mean, what’s a poor photographer to do…?! #Lightroom #bulkediting #onsafariwithnickdale


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Size isn’t everything, as they say, but there’s nothing like the power, reach and feel of a long lens. It gets you where the action is and lets you take close-ups of skittish and possibly dangerous wild animals. You still need other types of lenses, of course, but they’re far less glamorous!
“Hello, my name’s Nick, and I’m a cameraholic.” There’s something very addictive about buying a new camera. You get obsessed with the idea of owning something that has the latest features, and you simply have to have it…!
I used to have a Benro GH5C gimbal head, but I swapped it for a Gitzo GHFG1. If you want to find out why, read on…


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Most of the amateur photographers I meet don’t use manual mode. They think it’s just too intimidating. However, you can make it a lot less scary by using auto ISO to control the exposure.
Every now and then, people tell me they recognise my photographic ‘style’, but I’m never sure what that means. I guess I just do what comes naturally, so it seems strange to think of myself as having a particular ‘style’, but I guess I do.
⁣Matt Kloskowski once said there was no such thing as a professional wildlife photographer. That’s not quite true, but it is very hard to make a full-time living from it. So what are you supposed to do when you’re not on a shoot?

Hints and tips

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I’ve just come back from a five-day visit to Lake Kerkini in Greece to photograph the Dalmatian pelicans. I usually prefer the Big Five to birds, so it wasn’t my normal sort of trip, but it was good fun, and I was happy with my pictures—and that’s the main thing!
I had quite a quiet 2022 in terms of trips, but I’d like to go on a few more this year. Visiting Muchenje a couple of times was very enjoyable, but I’m looking for a bit more variety. I already have two trips planned, one to Kerkini in Greece to see the Dalmation pelicans and one to Bandhavgarh in India to see the tigers, and there might be more on the way. We shall see.
Elephants, leopards, wild dogs, roan and sable antelopes, lions attacking a baby elephant, boat rides, lovely people, another beef Wellington, but problems with my camera and not as many bee-eaters as I’d hoped. That was the story of my second trip to Muchenje Safari Lodge in Botswana—this time in the dry season. #muchenje #chobe #botswana #onsafariwithnickdale


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This is my last blog post of 2022, so I thought I'd give you a quick recap of what I got up to during the last 12 months.
Wildlife as you've never seen it before...
Grevy's zebra watercolour


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