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Having driven my friend’s Jeep I think I should get one of these to hoon with him. That little Jeep is one of the most fun vehicles I’ve ever driven or ridden in.

Land Rover Defender

The open road! Ps: always be careful driving in deserts, and stick to the roads when possible, as there is a fragile system in play out in the desert sands you can't see but can easily destroy.

Land Rover Defender

Oxford and Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition Land Rover, 1955

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Land Rover Defender is my desire of transportation! The rougher, the tougher the ride the better.except Land Rover's are pretty smooth! Oh what a desire of mine!

The dead zone, infographic by Adolfo Arranz | South China Morning Post

scmpgraphics: Information graphic on the algae problem on the mainland by Adolfo Arranz. The South China Morning Post is doing some INCREDIBLE infographics work that you absolutely must see for yourself. Talk about a feast for your eyes!