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a hand holding a piece of yellow paper next to a post it note with the words multiply and divide integies negative
Multiply & Divide Integers Sort: Free Challenge | Math Geek Mama
Do your students understand integer multiplication & division rules? Can they use logical reasoning to determine the sign of the final answer? This simple sorting challenge will help students notice patterns and make sense of rules without computation. Click through to the website to get a FREE copy!
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a cup filled with pencils
Multiply & Divide Integers Lesson {FREE}
Help students make sense of integer multiplication & division with helpful visuals! This simple guided lesson is FREE to download. Click through to get a copy free on the website! Multiply & Divide Integers Lesson
four times per hour math activities for kids to practice numbers and place value on the table
{FREE} Function Representations Sort: Small Group Activity
Help your students see and think about relations and function in multiple ways with this function representations sort. Includes 8 matching sets of 3 to help 8th grade students see functions as ordered pairs, tables, graphs and equations. Click to get this activity for free!
two children sitting at a table with the title how to use mentors in your middle school english language arts classroom
A Beginner’s Guide: How to Use Mentor Sentences in Your Middle School ELA Classroom
Mentor sentences, how to use them, and how they help your students' writing in middle school ELA class #MiddleSchoolELA
a computer screen with the words middle school syliabus ideas and templates on it
Middle School Syllabus Made Easy!
Creating a middle school syllabus shouldn’t be hard, but it always ends up taking along time for me!
180 Day Journal of Positive Thinking! Step-by-Step Writing!
Have your students think deeply with a self-reflection journal that has a motiviational word-of-the-day and quote-of-the-day to develop a POSITIVE MINDSET! The 180 Day Journal of Positive thinking was developed with our signature STEP-BY-STEP WRITING method so that students can build their positive mindset!
Grade 8 measurement new Ontario math curriculum worksheets. Get instant access now via My Call To Teach! Probability Math, Grade 5 Math Worksheets, Teaching Measurement, Measurement Worksheets, Math Assessment, Math Measurement, Upper Elementary Math, Home Schooling, Grade 8
Grade 8 Ontario Math Measurement PDF & Editable Worksheets
Students can practice their knowledge of the Grade 8 Measurement strand with these measurement worksheets that are in alignment with the new Ontario Math Curriculum! If you're teaching measurement for 8th grade, these worksheets featuring applicable to life word problems and activities are an essential for your lesson plans, whether you're in-class or home schooling in Ontario. They can also be used as supplementary homework for Grade 8 students.
a poster with the words how to save time as a middle school english language arts teacher
How to Save Time as a Middle School English Language Arts Teacher
Practical tips and strategies for middle school ELA/R teachers to help you gain back a few hours a week or more! #MiddleSchoolELA
a pink background with the words 6th grade fraction must have activities to do on it
Exciting Fractions for 6th Graders - Miss Glitter Teaches
Learn how to create fun activities for fractions for 6th graders. Division for fractions games and how to multiply fractions with visual...
the 5 days of plans for middle school students to start strong with their teacher's work
Back to School Activities Start Strong 1 WEEK of Plans Middle School
Start your new school year off strong with FIVE DAYS of hands-on fun that will engage your new middle school students right off the bat! Students will have many opportunities to interact with one another which will help you to create a community that will likely last all year long!
the secret to writing success poster with an image of a woman talking on her cell phone
Turn Reluctant Writers Into Rockstar Writers
Join this free teacher training to learn: *Strategies to motivate, educate, and differentiate your writing instruction. *Ways to scaffold your writing lessons. *How to work with individual needs and offer choice to empower your students. *Steps to take for explicit teaching. ​​​​​​​ *The secret to writing success. *How to transform a reluctant writer into a ROCKSTAR WRITER!​​​​​
the title for elements of argument and persuation, with an image of two children in
Elements of Argument & Persuasion Mini-Lessons for Middle School English Language Arts
Teach argument and persuasion in your classroom using mini-lessons and learning experiences #MiddleSchoolELA
Women's History Month March Activities for Elementary Students Teaching Tips Upper Elementary Resources, Third Grade Activities, Fun Classroom Activities, Teaching Third Grade, Month Of March, Women's History Month, Third Grade Classroom, Primary Teaching
What is Women's History Month?
The month of March is lovingly celebrated as Women’s History Month. As you are prepping for fun classroom activities, you may begin asking yourself, “what exactly is Women’s History Month?” If you are looking to teach your students the true meaning and history behind this monumental month, click to keep reading!
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a cup with pencils
{FREE} Digital Pi Day Activity: Decimal Operations Word Problems | Math Geek Mama
{FREE} Digital Pi Day Activity: Decimal Operations Word Problems - Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Decimals math activities perfect for 4th grade math, 5th grade math, and middle school math!