Neville Welthagen

Neville Welthagen

Neville Welthagen
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Power, Heat & Water: diy micro hydro

DIY Micro Hydro Power - Pinner - "That's very cool. Switch it to an overshot wheel for efficiency, encase the generator in something pretty, bam simple generator.

20 Insanely Clever Gardening Tips And Ideas

20 Insanely Clever Gardening Tips Ideas - Grow Beautiful Rose Bushes from Trimmings with the Help of Potatoes


BEEF BUTCHER MEAT Market Cuts of Meat Hand Printed Letterpress Poster Do you want to learn about cuts of meat? Its printed in red, white, and black inks on post-consumer recycled kraft cardstock.

canning tips

Fill jars with rings. 6 Secrets of Hot Water Bath Canning You May Not Know Expert Interview

Very detailed instructions on how to grow a better tomato plant.

Very detailed instructions on how to plant a better tomato plant. If you are as fussy about tomatoes (No to Hothouse ones!) and get tomatoes only in the summer and only in your'd want to make a better tomato plant, too!

The Homestead Survival | Build An Off Grid Wind Generator Out Of A Truck Alternator

RD Copeland shares the instructions on Mother Earth News for building a DIY wind generator using a truck alternator and a golf cart batteries for storage. Home Made Wind Generator…