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Platinum white blonde balayage                                                                                                                                                      More

I want these waves soooooo badly! My hair is just so straight and I hate using product and not being able to run my fingers through it.

Introducing Morocco

Traditional moroccan fountain with three bowls. This water feature with brass spouts is found at the King Mohammed mausoleum in Rabat, Morocco where it is decorated in a traditional moroccan style using mosaic mulit-colored tiles

Bulletin Board Love for FREE! | MissMathDork

Ask teachers for student samples "Make Math Fun!" Create a math bulletin board display that shows fun ways that math is used in our daily lives. From: Miss Math Dork

11 Ways to Master Multiplication!  Mastering Multiplication facts is such an important skill for 3rd grade. If students can master the basics, all other math concepts are so much easier to learn.

Mastering multiplication facts is such an important skill for grade students. As a former grade teacher, I fully understand how crippling it can be for students who struggle with basic multipl