I love me some Trey Songz ❤️My forever celeb man crush

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a man holding a baby in his arms while wearing a pink hat and white tank top
a man standing in front of a wall holding his hand to his face
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a man sitting on top of a stool wearing a black shirt and pants with his hands in his pockets
a man holding a baby in his arms on top of a building with a cityscape in the background
DaddyDuties: Trey Songz pictured with his newborn son, Noah
a man wearing glasses and a red tie standing in front of a tall building with buildings behind him
Como EQUILIBRAR seu VISUAL usando ÓCULOS DE GRAU? 3 Dicas SIMPLES, mas que você nunca se ligou!
a young man laying on top of a couch next to a stuffed animal and smiling at the camera
#PerfectlyImperfect #LibraNation #FlawedBeauty #Randomness
a man in a suit standing next to a wall with his hands in his pockets
a man with no shirt on wearing sunglasses and a gold chain around his neck is looking at the camera
a man wearing a maroon hat with the word real life on it sitting in a living room
a man holding chopsticks in his right hand
Evening Eye Candy: Tyson Beckford
a man sitting in the back seat of a car wearing a red hat and black sweatshirt
Sofrer Ou Amar – The World
a man in a black hoodie is holding a pair of scissors
a man wearing glasses standing in front of a tall building on a city street with people walking by
a young man wearing sunglasses and holding a drink in his hand while looking at the camera