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I got: Eleniel! What Is Your Elvish Name?

This must be what the pagan Summerland (heaven) is like. Cuddling with baby dragons in a beautiful forest. Art by Gloria Scholik

This pic brings a story to mind...of Caprion and Moss in Asterion, a year after Caprion's Wings. They become friends as they keep to the abandoned parts of the city where no one goes. This district was flooded long ago by ocean water, and they come here often to pretend they are free. Here, they are like the last 2 people in the world....

"Floating Flower" original illustration by S "Nice crown your dog has." "My sister made it, so you shut your mouth.

Aogashima - Japan

Island that time forgot. Aogashima is a volcanic Japanese island in the Philippine Sea. The island is administered by Tokyo and located approximately 358 kilometres south of Tokyo and 64 kilometres south of Hachijō-jima.