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Silent Tears so, so very true word for word, CLIFFTON I am so sorry my son that you aren't here living your life. So painfully sorry.1/16/2015

Silent tears until my son returns to me, the man I know God made him to be.prayers every night for you son, I continue to miss you while you'e "gone".Love ~ Mom ( fan) D♡

it says it.. i am sorry for the way i treated you.. you didn't deserve to be treated like that.. I am sober now for 2 months and realize how far down that bottle i went and i took it out on you.. you were right to leave

I made a mistake. I fucked up. there is no excuse for what I did. But I also know nothing like this will ever happen again. I know you can't trust that, but I know it myself, and someday I hope you can know it too

Love isn't easy, it is important that you fall in love with your partner everyday. I am sorry that it has  taken me losing so much to realize this. I know that given the chance you will never question how much i love, cheerish, and adore you ever again.

This is so true! Love is a choice & marriage takes work but the outcome is so worth it! Love my husband!

Im so sorry for what ive done to you and what im doing to you. You dont deserve this.

Heather I'm sorry sweetheart my mind gets mad and angry and upset but my heart has always loved you and always will you are my soulmate I will love you for the rest of my life whether you love me or not love you always forever your baby Brandon😆❤💋