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Fallout facts

Would that have been better worse or just different? Art by Adam Adamowicz RIP. via Fallout History fallout fallout 4 fallout creatures mirelurks mirelurk

How to Make Tempura Batter (with Pictures) | eHow

Healthier Way to "fry" Fish: While frying fish in oil usually creates a crisp crust and a creamy, moist interior, a newer cooking method provides the exact same thing, but without the high amounts of saturated fat and choleste.

I didn’t blew Megaton.

He Puts THIS On His Phone And Turns It On. What He Sees... I Can't Wait To Try This At Home! | Diply

Hey Diply fans, did you know with some old CD cases, tape, and a few clever tricks you can turn your phone into a hologram?

It's every dad's DUTY to put their child in danger

Bear Grylls is in trouble again, this time after purposely marooning his son Jesse on a rock out at sea as part of a lifeboat training exercise in north Wales, says JAMES DELINGPOLE.