Dear Financial Advisor...

If I have R 200 000 in cash, how many Rands worth of property can I buy? Please help Mr Financial Advisor or Mr Estate Agent.

Can you work out what Tip 6 is?

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Even THIS GUY could buy a townhouse

A while ago a well-known author published a book about a rich, handsome man who pretty much had anything anyone could wish for becoming paralyzed in an accident. He and the woman hired to care for …

Don't be too good...

Buy to Let Property Investment taking you the next step

Nobody likes a grumpy granny...

“I don’t need to go to confession!” said the elderly woman. “I never even leave the house! How could I ever commit any sins?” Those who knew her best and who loved her anyway glanced skyward, sighed audibly, then checked just to see whether everyone

All that glitters isn't gold.

Investment advisers classically offer investment solutions that suit themselves and their commission payouts, not your best interests.

7 Tips on how to beat the averages and buy great investment property

Don’t settle for average! With these 7 tips, you can easily beat and even double the national averages and acquire really great investment property .

How to avoid losing a million in property investment

The biggest risk in property investment is the investor himself. Avoid the pitfalls of property investment by using an experienced property investment coach

Rainy days

In a world economy where money is printed by governments and interest pretty much equals the inflation rate, Robert Kiyosaki is correct, savers are losers

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