♕♠♕ Black Madonna

♕♠♕ Black Madonna

♕♠♕ Black Madonna
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#Harley Quinn, #Joker. J would love this, it would however be a new tattoo that I would have to look at so....yea

A digital painting of Dc Comics most famous couple-Harly Quinn and Joker. A dynamic Duo that Batman strives to get the best of. This is Greg Horns painting of them -- a piece for lovers!

Kaneki tokyo ghoul

Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul Anime and Manga

demon anime boy devil red eyes

Anime picture tokyo ghoul studio pierrot kaneki ken chimachi single tall image short hair looking at viewer red eyes fringe white hair nail polish glowing fingernails glowing eye (eyes) hand in pocket black sclera male jacket hood 371374 en