Behind the Scenes

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Jurassic Park - Behind the Scenes

John Rosengrant, an effects artist for the movie, wears a raptor half-suit for Jurassic Park III. 50 Photos Of Actors Behind The Scenes That Will Change How You See Their Movies Forever

Oz: Behind The Scenes

75 years ago today, Judy Garland recorded her signature song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for the "The Wizard of Oz"

In order to secure Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire on the cast, producers told each the other was already signed, figuring they would not pass up the opportunity to work together.  Funny Face (1957)  06/1/13

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On the set of Shaun of the Dead

Many of the Zombie extras are fans of the TV series Spaced, which also starred Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and was also directed by Edgar Wright. They were recruited through the Spaced Out fan web site to be in the film. Shaun of the Dead