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Collection by Nazneen

Beauty at its Best Evening Prayer, Madina, Pictures, Photography, Beauty, Night Prayer, Photos, Photograph, Fotografie

Beauty at its best

A day or two before we left Madinah, we were rushing to get into the Masjid for the evening prayer. Yet when I saw the sky i had to stop and take a picture of the beauty that surrounded me. These are the same umbrellas, just closed. Yet the atmosphere around is almost completely different.…

Macro Photography Different Shades Of Red, Macro Photography, Watermelon, Succulents, Green, Flowers, Plants, Beautiful, Succulent Plants

Macro Photography

This photo was taken yesterday at the place where my brother goes for his shooting competitons. I saw such beautiful plants which I haven't seen in person before. Plants that looked like they were flowers, that looked like they should have been in a desert, all with different shades of red, orange and green. I…

So my obsession with nature has lead to me constantly looking at trees and flowers and then pointing my camera upwards to get the beautiful sky in the background Lol this is what my life has come to "Nature always wears the colours of the spirit" NazZy =] Flora And Fauna, Beautiful Sky, Plant Leaves, Lovers, Colours, Nature, Plants, Photography, Life

Nature Lover

So my obsession with nature has lead to me constantly looking at trees and flowers and then pointing my camera upwards to get the beautiful sky in the background Lol this is what my life has come to #LoveNature "Nature always wears the colours of the spirit" NazZy =]

See the Brighter Side ★ The Past, Bright, Beach, Water, Photography, Life, Outdoor, Gripe Water, Outdoors

See the Brighter Side ★

If there is one thing I have learnt in life, it would be to see the brighter side of every situation. No matter how tough things get, theres always a reason behind it. In the past few months I've seen the tough side of life, but I've never failed to try to find the good.…

A place of happiness Good Times, Cinema, Happiness, Places, Happy, Pictures, Photography, Photos, Movies

A Place of Happiness

Since grade 8, every time my Daddy picked me up from school and took me to his work, I've been wanting to take a picture of this building. It is an old, desolate cinema building in Joburg CBD. Even with its dingy appearance I can't help but think about all the good times people have…

Looking through the Cracks Paper Towns, John Green, Reading, Photography, Photograph, Paper Towns Plot, Fotografie, Reading Books, Photoshoot

Looking through the Cracks

So I've been reading "Paper Towns" by John Green for a while, and while I was reading it I didnt think it was a book worth reading, but never the less I carried on reading and as I got closer to the end, I saw a quote that I thought was exceptionally true and is…

Abstract minded Thoughts And Feelings, Panna Cotta, Mindfulness, Abstract, Ethnic Recipes, Photography, Food, Summary, Dulce De Leche

Abstract minded

By looking at the world differently we understand so much more. By putting ourselves in the shoes of others, we are able to understand their thoughts and feelings. All we have to do is be a little selfless sometimes and think about others. Why do they do what they do? There's a reason for everything,…

Matric Dance Part 2 ^-^ Dance, Formal Dresses, Photography, Fashion, Dancing, Dresses For Formal, Moda, Photograph, Formal Gowns

Matric Dance Part 2 ^-^

Soo a clever friend of mine decided it would be nice to post a picture of everything put together, so here it is =] It was just a tad bit frustrating being pulled back every five seconds due to someone tramping my ginormous trail x_X, or constantly worrying that I would trip someone >_

Deceptive Beauty Beach Play, This Is Us, Sunset, Water, Photography, Outdoor, Beauty, Beach Games, Gripe Water

Deceptive Beauty

I'm still not a beach fan. Infact as we speak my family are sitting at the beach playing around in the water while I'm doing my work. I'd rather work than go to the beach. I think that's pretty sad but I doubt it would change any time soon. The only use I have for…

20 years of democracy 20 Years, South Africa, Country, Photography, Photograph, Rural Area, Fotografie, Photoshoot, Country Music

20 Years of Democracy

Tomorrow is 20 years of democracy for South Africa. 20 years since we became the rainbow nation. South Africa seems to be the only country that has managed to get through such a tough time. Thanks to Nelson Mandela and everyone that has worked with him. If it wasn't for them South Africa would still…

The Cycle of Life Cycle Of Life, Feeling Empty, Second Best, Time Of The Year, Past, How Are You Feeling, Autumn, Summer, Photography

The Cycle of Life

Don't you just love Autumn?? Two best times of the year:Autumn and Spring. The cycles starts at Autumn, moves through Winter, past Spring and ends at Summer. Only to start at Autumn again. The shedding of the leaves is like shedding the negetives in your life.. for a while you feel empty (Winter) until you…