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a building with a dome is reflected in the water behind a fenced off area
20 schöne Bilder aus Berlin #deutschland #germany #reisen #travel #fotografie #photography #reisefotografie #travelphotography - CONN3CTOR
the entrance to an urban shopping district at dusk
U-Bahnhof Stadtmitte
a man sitting on a bench in front of a train station with the city skyline behind him
2013 Berlin - Bahnhof Friedrichstraße
an empty walkway in front of a building at night
Livin Berlin
#ubahn #zoologischergarten #berlin #germany
a bicycle parked on the side of a street next to tall buildings at sunset with people walking and riding bikes
DAS ECHTE BERLIN on Instagram: “Ampelmenschen. #dasechteberlin von @ronschneidert • • • • • #dasechteberlin #igersberlin #visit_berlin #berlinstagram #officialfanofberlin…” - Ansichten
DAS ECHTE BERLIN on Instagram: Ampelmenschen. #dasechteberlin von @ronschneidert #dasechteberlin #igersberlin #visit_berlin #berlinstagram #officialfanofberlin
there are many bikes parked on the side of the street and people walking down the sidewalk
Amazing Places
a city street with traffic lights and a tall tower in the distance on a foggy day
people walking up and down the stairs in an underground subway station with umbrellas over their heads
a bike parked on the side of a river next to a tall building with a green dome
a cappuccino on a saucer next to some flowers
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Kaffee Kapseln bestellen Schweiz
a large building with a dome on top and birds flying in the sky above it
Berlin - 29 schöne Bilder - CONN3CTOR
an empty street in front of some buildings with tall towers on each side and a light pole at the end
A Weekend Guide to Berlin, Germany - Bon Traveler