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Divine Consciousness - the fact that there is a Beginning or an End is just a concert seeded into your mind by society. You are constant, continuous, infinite energy. And energy NEVER ends. It Transforms.

If energy can never be destroyed, where does our energy in our bodies go when we die? I think the soul continues on into reincarnation.

Wat kan je maken van een stel dozen. Leuk met kids

25 Fun Ideas for a Cardboard Box-- cos all kids love cardboard boxes! Buy a toy and all they care about is the box- forget toys- I go to Costco n get boxes!

tree tattoo. I dont know why but i Love This style of tree tattoos

the tree of life. when i get married i want to get the tree of life with the roots coming down to form the name I will carry the rest of my life.

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Life with chronic illness. so true! But you have to keep living. No pity excuses. No matter what your obstacle, you chose the life you live. Whether it's the best or the worst, it's all about your perspective. Change your thoughts, change your life.

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Some tips to help with Chronic Inflammation symptoms. I had chronic inflammation and then found out I had cancer. The Reliv product called Now has greatly reduced the inflammation in my body.