hike up Table Mountain or take the easy way ... Cable car

Cape Town, Table Mountain, the way to the top if you don't feel like the cable way. I HATE HIKING but i want to do this.

South Africa

no freakin' way! a hot tub that’s suspended from a high bridge in Switzerland. That's extreme hot tubbing!

South African food.

This is a great summary of the delicious foods you'll find in South Africa- Cape Town. From our staple dishes to what we love purchasing in stores.

The Big Hole, Kimberley in the Northern Cape | South Africa - man-made while digging for diamonds

Abandoned Diamond mine - The Big Hole - Kimberley in the Northern Cape, South Africa

"Eish!" is South African slang for "Oh no!" or "Oy vey!"

" is South African slang for "Oh no!" or "Oy vey!" This is a pdf card you could print or email to friends.

Proudly South African

Today I am grateful to be South African, Proudly South African

Johannesburg, South Africa

See-through wire radio - and it works! This amazing radio was bought on the street in Johannesburg, South Africa