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Nate van den Berg

Nate van den Berg
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Harry Potter Wand Tutorial .... just incase my scheme of carving Karen one this summer doesn't happen.

Greatist DIY in the world (slight Hyperbole) Micah C Micah Do: Another Harry Potter Wand Tutorial

fae spying wands

Could be a dun DIY project: Wooden Spoon Wands for spying on faerie folk by PixieHillStudio,

✯ Crystal Wands ✯

Three wands made from a wood core, a natural faceted quartz crystal (tip), a smooth crystal (base), covered with black clay and decorated with leaves and vines. The clay is colored with mica powder pressed into the clay before baking.


Dadcando has a DIY instruction manual -- and another for the wand box! *matt and are so gonna make these* teehee


Fairy Wands - MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS - My kiddo and I were inspecting a fallen tree limb last week and looking at all those little twigs made me think of wands. I thought it would be a wond