Wine glasses

Christmas Centerpiece: This table decoration is becoming a hit for every holiday season. Simply flip a wine glass over and place a candle on top. Underneath you can place Christmas ornaments or any other holiday trinkets.


Seasons Blessings to ye

Tatty Teddy

Merry Christmas to my lovely friends .may you have a lovely and joyful one.many loves Sarah.

Een-twee-drie-botterkoekies Sekerlik die maklikste resep vir die smaaklikste botterkoekie denkbaar. Die resep word eentwee-drie genoem...

Stork competition and a recipe for butter biscuits

craft ideas with seashells | Seashell craft ideas This is your index.html page @Deon Marion Lien

Seashell Koalas and 27 other sea shell crafts from Martha Stewart

Beach Christmas Décor Idea - @Rachelle you should do this for Tali with the shells we found when we were in Virginia Beach.

This will be a great way to remember our beach vacation. Fill a clear glass or plastic ornament with craft store white sand and tiny seashells from the beach.

Dry snow globes made from wineglasses fitted with cardboard covers to which objects (trees, deer, snowman, etc.) have been glued. Cover cardboard in decorative paper and run a bead of glitter glue along rim. Use as candleholder or as plate stand. Cute and easy for tabletop party decor. Could redo with paper confetti and Easter eggs or sand and seashells. So versatile! Totally doing these!

A step by step tutorial to make your own stemware snow glob. Must have project for Christmas. You just need a stemware and some creativity to do this project. we don’t use any liquid inside the glob.