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there is a white shelf with many pairs of shoes on it
shoe lazy susan -YES PLEASE!
a coffee cup rack with cups hanging on it
30 Fun and Practical DIY Coffee Mugs Storage Ideas for Your Home
small bathroom decor ideas with pictures on the wall
50+ Small Bathroom Ideas That You Can Use To Maximize The Available Storage Space – Cute DIY Projects
50+ Small Bathroom Ideas That You Can Use To Maximize The Available Storage Space - If you have a small bathroom, then you certainly know just how difficult it is to make the best of it – difficult, but not impossible. Here you will find 50+ small bathroom ideas that you can try!
a pink and zebra print toy with two red hair dryers on top of it
12 Organizing Ideas For Your House - BeautyHarmonyLife
pvc pipe towel holder on pinterest | dryer, curling iron and straightener holder!!! A piece of PVC pipe ...
a stack of purses sitting on top of a rack next to a wall mounted clock
20 Bedroom Organization Tips To Make The Most Of A Small Space -
Purse Rack DIY. Buy a long, wood board. Screw hooks on sideways. Easy, organized, bag storage.
there are many necklaces hanging on the wall
53 Seriously Life-Changing Clothing Organization Tips
Using towel rods to hang necklaces and bracelets. |Pinned from PinTo for iPad|
an open closet with clothes hanging on the door and a christmas tree in the background
Closet idea
there are many necklaces hanging on the wall
DIY Jewelry Wall! For the closet!
two towels are hanging on a shelf above the toilet in this bathroom, and there is an inscription that says get naked
Lauren’s Eclectic San Francisco Apartment
Lauren's Eclectic San Francisco Apartment - I want this for my bathroom GetNaked!
there are many different things in the bathroom and it is fun to do with them
pvc pipe ideas
two cups with hair dryers in them sitting on a counter top next to a mirror
Raven's Creative Blog: DIY Bathroom
an image of clothes hanging on a rack
Storage Geek: Photo
Clever tank top storage. I’ve seen shower curtain rings used for a few things (scarves, purses and even hair elastics) but this is the first I’ve seen them used for tank tops. I think it’s a great way to free up space in a dresser drawer (no link)
there is a large stack of cups on the wall
60 DIY Projects That Will Spruce Up Your Life Instantly
i wonder how expensive this would be? and how do you keep the PVC pipe together?