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mason jar cocktail gifts with text overlay that says diy mason jar cocktail gifts
The Original DIY Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts!
DIY // Cocktail Mason Jar Gifts - so freaking cute!! Perfect for bridesmaids and groomsmen or holiday gifts!
a colorful drink with an orange slice in it's center and the words paradise cocktail
The Best Blue Margarita Recipe
Ooooo! Blue Skies Margarita!
an info sheet showing the different types of food in each country, including rice and meat
champagne cocktail ideas
an info poster showing how to make low calorie vodka drinks
4k Wallpapers & Backgrounds For FREE to use [2300+ HD Wallpapers]
Vodka has less than 60 calories per ounce, but the mixers can get you into trouble. Try these low-ca...
Just two ingredients to make this delicious blue vodka cocktail. YUM! Margaritas, Vodka Cocktails Recipes, Vodka Recipes Drinks, Vodka Cocktails
The Broken Heart Blues: Blue Vodka Cocktail Recipe - My Life and Kids
Just two ingredients to make this delicious blue vodka cocktail. YUM!
a green drink with strawberries in it sitting on a counter top next to a paper straw
Easy Strawberry Peach Champagne Sangria
Easy Strawberry Peach Champagne Sangria Recipe
a tall glass filled with orange juice and an orange slice on top of the drink
17 Three-Ingredient Cocktails You Should Know How To Make
17 Three-Ingredient Cocktails You Should Know How To Make
an info poster with many different types of drinks and their names on it, including the name
fancy drinks
Because sometimes, I may want to get the proportions right instead of blindly pouring large amounts of alcohol with whatever fruit-flavored beverage I can find.
a woman sitting at a table with several bottles and glasses next to her, smiling
Tipsy Bartender
Just posted this on YouTube: Electric Beach Water Recipe ===== 1 oz. (30ml) UV Blue Vodka 1 oz. (30ml) Malibu Rum 1/2 oz. (15ml) Hpnotiq 1/2 oz. (15ml) Lemon Juice Top with Sprite/7up This drink was...
a blue drink with lemon in it sitting on top of a table
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Sex in the Driveway Cocktail Recipe Ingredients: 2x Ounce white rum Ounce Pear or Peach Schnapps Ounce Blue Curacao 7-Up
two glasses filled with drinks sitting next to each other on top of a table near the ocean
Girls' Night Drinks, minus the Alcohol
Girls night in drinks (minus the alcohol). Perfect for all the baby showers I have coming up this summer.
two glasses filled with white liquid and limes on the side, next to each other
Champagne Margaritas {Happy New Year!}
Champagne Margaritas
a glass with a drink and umbrella on the top is filled with watermelon
Bahama Mama | Cocktail Recipes
Bahama Mama Cocktail Recipe ~ 1/4 oz coffee liqueur, 1/2 oz dark rum, 1/2 oz coconut liqueur, 1/4 oz 151 proof rum, juice of 1/2 lemons, 4 oz pineapple juice