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a diy prayer board with pots and pans hanging on the wall, which says use everyday to make memo paper
DIY Prayer Board
Happy as We Know It: DIY Prayer Board
an open tin box with a pen in it and the words prayer box written inside
DIY Altoid Tin Prayer Boxes
DIY Altoid Tin Prayer Boxes ❤︎ a sweet friend gave me one of these. I keep it on my desk and add prayers to it.. Great gift idea, so start saving those Altoid tins!
a square tile with many different designs on it
Silver sparkle ACEO 1
Silver sparkle ACEO 1 by MandarinMoon, via Flickr
an altered book with hearts on it
Handmade Journals
Altered Alchemy Gallery: Handmade Journals
Custom #book of #shadows by Oddsoul Designs "The Gypsy-Witch Magick Diaries" www.AfuraFareed.com Diy Diaries, Diy Witchcraft, Halloween Reading, Goofy Disney, Spiritual Journals, Cool Journals, Season Of The Witch, Custom Book, Handmade Book
Custom #book of #shadows by Oddsoul Designs "The Gypsy-Witch Magick Diaries" www.AfuraFareed.com
a person holding up a large book in front of their face with an ornate design on the cover
Pardon Our Interruption...
Extra Large Handmade Book of shadows blank spell book / journal / Pegan journal
an old book is sitting on the floor in front of some wood logs and other items
Altered Alchemy : 2013 After Hiatus
a red guitar sitting on top of a sheet of paper next to some beads and ribbon
Agenda 2015 Personalizada
ANTECIPE SUA ENCOMENDA DE AGENDA 2015 <br> <br>Agendas Personalizadas <br>Personalização e encadernação manual em scrapbooking. <br>Personalizamos conforme cores e temas escolhidos pelo cliente.
three books are stacked on top of each other with sheet music notes and a flower
Mitzi's Miscellany
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several different pictures of an old book with metal decorations on the front and back cover
Handmade Medieval-Style Wooden Journals by Atelier Du Grimoire
a purple and silver book with an intricate design on the cover is laying on a blue blanket
Handmade Blank Spell Book....wiccan Journal....pegan | Etsy
Handmade Blank Spell book....wiccan by CustomHandMadeBooks on Etsy
an image of a glass box with money in it and the words magic dining on top
Custom Listng for Julie SECRETS of the SEA - Etsy
Secrets of the Sea Journal by OddSoul