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the text she bad is displayed on a black background
#shebad #background #black #white #blackandwhite #cardib #effect #Baddies #postbad #iphone #samsung
the words hold that through are displayed on an old tv screen with some blurry lines
25 Amazing Examples Of Glitch Typography – Bashooka
25 Amazing Examples Of Glitch Typography – Bashooka
a woman's face with multicolored lines on it
Laurie McCall
an artistic image of a woman on a surfboard
Archillect on Twitter
a woman's face with multicolored lines on her forehead and eyes, in front of a white background
the infinite fragmented datawaves of oXane
O O by Laurie McCall
an image of colorful lines that appear to have been distorted into different colors and shapes
imagens para capas ou wallpaper - luzes e texturas
an abstract image of colorful clouds in the sky
Trippy Glitch Photographs Blend Manual and Algorithmic 'Accidents' to Create Awesome Images
glitch photography
an image of different shapes and sizes of smiley faces on a white background with blue lines
California - The Road Starts here
an image of some type of text that appears to be in green and purple colors
Soundwave - Melvin Galapon
Melvin Galapon Soundwave Portrait of Alexander Graham Bell the inventor of the loudspeaker and typographic treatment taking inspiration from sound wave formations.
an aerial view of some buildings and water
two men with glasses are facing each other in front of an image of the same man
Photo manipulation creates movement in a singular image. Colours starting to split = interesting.
a young child holding a lit candle in front of a tv set and an old television
Parte il trip
two men standing next to each other on the street