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Natalya Ponomareva
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Contouring vs. Bronzing...did you know the difference? My fav bronzer is YOUNIQUE Malibu & I use Honey BB Flawless for contouring! Now I know where to put it! :)

Contour vs Bronzer: Is it the same thing? Placement is key to successful contouring and bronzing. Beachfront bronzer by Younique is the perfect bronzer!

#Makeup : A Guide to Contouring

How to contour your face. [ "Contour Tips. Get to know which contour suits you best", "Have you been the same way for all occasions?

Who hasn’t had those mornings where they wake up, drink some coffee, look in the mirror, and think, “Damn, I look exhausted.” Not getting enough sleep does more than just make you feel really run-down – it makes you look really run-down too. And while no

Feeling exhausted and run down? Here are 20 makeup tips, tricks, and hacks on how to look less tired and more awake even on no sleep.