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Elephants under African skies - truly a sight to behold! Image by Pietro Olivetta.

A baby elephant pushing his way in between his mum and older friend.

Walking on the Savannah, South Africa © Jackson Carvalho on Getty Images

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Elephants, Animals, Elephant

Once upon a time, elephants like these roamed Africa in their millions. Now, due to man, we risk them being wiped out within a generation. It was an honour to have the chance to photograph this magnificent tusker recently and I pray for his safety

Most don’t consider counting animals an exciting.

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An evocative image off an elephant in Amboseli National Park, Kenya, entered into the competition by Kathleen Ricker

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Elephants, Animals, Elephant

At Kruger National Park, Nicki Coertze photographed a pink elephant, an extremely rare phenomenon simply known as an albino African elephant.

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