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a blue door with flowers painted on the side of it in front of a white building
decorando fachadas
colorful flowers and leaves on a gray background
How A Teacher Bloomed Into A Professional Artist
an office with flowers painted on the wall
I just thought I would share a current project with you - Japanese Garden Design
a drawing of colorful flowers on a white background
Doodling 7/18 JXS – World of Flowers
a child's room painted with flowers and a wooden sign that says jordan's love garden
Garden decoration children for kids 68 ideas
a backyard garden with wooden fence and green grass
Great idea for those that like an easy, nice, neat and tidy solution to garden beds in their back yard that is also space saving. Tiered Raised Garden Beds This might be a good solution for my veggie/ herb garden
a stack of pots filled with plants on top of a wooden platform next to a house
plant tower
great container garden idea
several mason jars with plants in them mounted on a wall
container gardening - this idea is great for herbs right near the kitchen
a woman cutting up plants in a garden
Garden pic
Love the idea of having fresh herbs right out the kitchen window!
a vertical herb garden with plants growing in it
Vertical growing. Perfect for a patio.