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The Yellow Gallery (Det Gule Galleriet) coffee shop - Stavern, Norway. Love the colour combinations.

Japones café. A unique way in which to bring tables up from the floor. This is a unique way in which to eat within a cafe. Although I have been inspired by this interior there are still some changes that I want to change. For example. I would make the tables into chairs and therefor the chairs come from floor.

A cozy cafe/resturant wwithal close and low tables and soft lighting. I love the table/seating. In my aunt's home we would sit around the table with our feet resting on heated pads that were on the floor under the table!

60 Gaiolas decorativas – Ideias e fotos inspiradoras                                                                                                                                                      Mais

Fook Yew, Jakarta – Everything here has been done at the visual equivalent of 100 decibels – pretty much every shade in a Dulux sample book crops up somewhere or other – but the mainstays are the big boys: red, blue, green and yellow.

Alaloum Board Game Café / Triopton Architects

Interior of "Alaloum Board Game" cafe was created by specialists from "Triopton Architects" studio. The theme of the interior are board games what you can