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Hyperolius swynnertoni form Broadleyi

Recent literature has split up the variable species H. marmoratus and this one has for the moment become H. swynnertoni. It is not unlikely that further research may still separate this form into a distinct species.

Scientists identified the world's smallest frog in Borneo. For years, scientists have mistaken it for a juvenile frog of a different species. It's so tiny! Les Reptiles, Reptiles And Amphibians, Small World, In This World, Funny Animals, Cute Animals, Baby Animals, Odd Animals, Bizarre Animals

Pictures: Pea-Size Frog Found—Among World's Smallest

Completely lost on a penny, the new frog species was mistaken for a baby for a hundred years.

Thorny dragon (Moloch horridus) The thorny dragon or thorny devil is an Australian lizard. The thorny devil grows up to 20 cm in) in length, and it can live for up to 20 years. Reptiles Et Amphibiens, Mammals, Unique Animals, Cute Animals, Wild Animals, Bizarre Animals, Beautiful Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Interesting Animals

10 of the World’s ‘Spikiest’ Living Things - What on Earth?

Not all creatures or plants have a guaranteed way to defend themselves against others who want to harm them. Nature has given many species a built-in safeguard

Poison dart frog - one touch one kill Fast Crazy Nature Deals. Les Reptiles, Reptiles And Amphibians, Mammals, Funny Frogs, Cute Frogs, Frosch Illustration, Amazing Frog, Poison Dart Frogs, Paludarium

Male poison arrow frog (Dendrobates macero)

Walking around at 4:30 in the morning has its advantages. This beautiful frog was found calling from an elevated perch on a fern. Relatively common, I saw several of these whenever I passed riparians on the trail. Found during a night hike in Pantiacolla midlevel rainforest, Manu national park, Peru.

 Dyeing Poison Dart Frog (powder blue morph)-yeh yeh i am a… Les Reptiles, Reptiles And Amphibians, Mammals, Beautiful Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Cute Animals, Funny Frogs, Cute Frogs, Frosch Illustration

The Commercial Appeal

The Brooks hosts an exhibit of animal mummies, a key part of the empire's culture and economy.

Crested gecko ✯ By Igor Siwanowicz ✯ Les Reptiles, Cute Reptiles, Reptiles And Amphibians, Paludarium, Vivarium, Reptile Room, Reptile Cage, Reptile Enclosure, Beautiful Creatures

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Bullfrogs live 7 - 9 yrs, & can take 4 yrs. to reach reproductive maturity. They eat anything they can swallow and have teeth in the roof of their mouth & a muscular tongue for flipping prey into their mouth. Les Reptiles, Reptiles And Amphibians, Mammals, Amazing Frog, Funny Frogs, Frog And Toad, All Gods Creatures, Nature Animals, Exotic Pets

AMNH mon amour

Me voila de retour de New York, les mirettes encore saturées de Buildings, de Rooftops, de restaurants, de Central Park… et d’expositions! En 10 jours, nous avons vu, ma femme et

Amazing colors on this gecko! I've had African Fat Tails and Leopard geckos in the past, but none that look like this! Not sure if he is burping, singing or hissing. Colorful Lizards, Colorful Animals, Reptiles Et Amphibiens, Mammals, Blue Lizard Reptiles, Endangered Reptiles, Beautiful Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Animals Amazing


Found at snuh, but I can't locate a primary source - or even whether this is a real lizard, or a CG-enhanced one. A hat-tip to Julie for (quickly!) identifying this as a Tokay gecko. With that lead I found several pix at Flickr, but haven't located the photographer to credit this particular one. What a remarkable creature!

After decades, Cuban crocodiles born at DC zoo (Jacquelyn Martin / AP) - and people say crocodiles are not pretty! Les Reptiles, Cute Reptiles, Reptiles And Amphibians, Baby Animals Pictures, Cute Baby Animals, Funny Animals, Alligators, Komodo, Anaconda

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For the first time in nearly 25 years, two endangered Cuban crocodiles have hatched at the National Zoo.

Frans de Waal - Public Page JESUS! A double-crested basilisk — also named the Jesus Lizard for its ability to walk on water — runs across a pond in Santa Rita, Costa Rica, in Photograph by Bence Mate Library/Corbis Rainforest Animals, Amazon Rainforest, Les Reptiles, Reptiles And Amphibians, Reptiles Facts, Mammals, Jesus Lizard, Walk On Water, Paludarium


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