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Love all the different shades of gray put together

gray fashion jeans top sweater autumn clothing I would absolutely rock this outfit with my Dusk Boba Carrier! The tank and sweater layer would be especially helpful for discreet baby nursing, the boots have a stellar low heel and I adore the wash on the

I remember ... He came back to Erie to see me. Handing me the flowers, he asked if he could kiss me. I blushed and said yes... He later told me that was when he lost his heart

I still remember the feeling I felt when we first kissed. Then you told me u loved me. You said you'd been dying to tell me that for a long time, but you wanted to say it the first time in person., so sweet. Ill never forget.

Nice people love each other - and the sand beneath their toes! #romantic #holiday UK & USA #onlinedatingsite

Quotes About Love – 10 Ways To Be More Romantic this YEAR! – Maybe I Will Quotes About Love Description “The best relationship is when you can act like lovers and best friends at the same time.

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Inspirational Quotes: “It’s hard to resist a bad boy who’s a good man.” …I’m lucky enough to call one of these men mine ♥ Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description “It’s hard to resist a bad boy.

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I stupidly Smile at my phone when I see your name on the screen. Calling not texting is more personal. Call Me don't TEX

Daily dose of love quotes here

I seriously wouldn’t mind if you just grabbed my face and kissed me. that’d be great.

This is my happiness. But only if it's with you. I love you more than I could ever describe.

I want your lips pressed against mine, forgetting the entire world, just you, me, and the butterflies in my stomach.