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two people walking up a snow covered mountain in the fog with rocks on either side
matterhorn (82)
Best View From The Canadian Rockies! Stunning Canadian Mountain View
the view from inside a car looking at mountains and trees
a man with a backpack walking up a mountain
two people walking up the side of a mountain
a little bit of lace
Being present and aware of your surroundings allows you to enjoy the moment – and that always makes travel all the more meaningful. Camping, Photo, Fotografie, Resim, Fotos, Fotografia, Paisajes, Scenery
Mindful travel: Final thoughts
Mindfulness is a wonderful tool to incorporate into your travels. Focus on what’s around you and don’t worry too much about what could happen, your itinerary, or taking the perfect photos for Instagram.
a woman sitting on the edge of a cliff
a man in an orange jacket sitting on top of a rocky hill next to mountains
a person with a backpack is standing on a rock in the middle of a foggy forest
Finlay Burrage Photography
a person holding a coffee cup while sitting on top of a grass covered hill with mountains in the background
a man walking up a hill with backpacks on his back
Hiking Great Outdoors | Healthy Lifestyle | Stress Reliever