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Daily iPad newspaper? For real?

Daily iPad newspaper? For real? - the e of Marketing

Yes the rumours are true, independent news website The Daily Maverick plans to launch the South Africa’s (and the African continent’s) very first daily iPad newspaper called the iMaverick. I can picture it already…my daily routine… I get out of bed, make a mug of fresh coffee and download the latest edition of the iMaveric …

Make money with Website Flipping

Make money with Website Flipping - the e of Marketing

Website flipping refers to buying, improving and selling websites with the aim of making a profit. The term comes from the property industry where investors will buy a property, renovate it to add value, and then sell it at a higher price. When you flip websites, the process is exactly the same except you’re doing …

The smartphone and tablet pc revolution
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The smartphone and tablet pc revolution - the e of Marketing

For those who know me, know that I cannot survive one day without my Blackberry and the Internet. If you can have five conversations at once (via Skype, Facebook chat, bbm, e-mail and sms), then you can relate. I am utterly addicted to my cell phone and cannot leave home without it. Technology has made …

Pimp Your Biscuit by cut & bake

Gorgeous conference and banqueting rooms at the Fountains Hotel

Pimp Your Biscuit by cut & bake

Google invests in SA icon Madiba

Google invests in SA icon Madiba - the e of Marketing

A few days ago I found out that Internet research giant Google has recently announced that they have donated 1,25 million US dollars to the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s Centre of Memory (NMFCM) which will be used to digitize thousands of documents that belong to former South African president and icon Nelson Mandela. This is amazing …

Dos and don’ts of Facebook #Hashtags

Dos and don’ts of Facebook #Hashtags

If you’re an avid Facebook user then I’m sure you’ve noticed that hashtags have finally arrived on Facebook, but this does not mean #you #have #to #use #them #in #every #post or hashtag #everysingleword. If used properly Facebook #hashtags can be very effective like they have been on Twitter and Google+.

Social Media Facts and Stats You Should Know

Social Media Facts and Stats You Should Know

We all know social media is the way to go when it comes to promoting your brand and products online, however there are a few people and brands who are a bit reluctant to invest in this booming industry.

Trinity: Multiple Levels of Sexy, Exclusive Elegance

Peek Who?

Peek Who? - the e of Marketing

Ever wondered what happened to your grade one school teacher? Or your cousin who emigrated to Canada when you were ten? Are you desperately trying to get hold of loved ones you haven’t seen or heard from in years? PeekYou can help you locate anyone in the world. If they are online then PeekYou will …

The social/group buying trend

The social/group buying trend - the e of Marketing

Group Buying – everybody’s talking about it and many want to be a part of it. It’s the latest craze that hit the internet with a big bang. Buying in bulk has always been a good way to save money and bulk buying means bulk saving. Group buying websites have become so popular in South …