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several different types of paper flowers on a white board with brown and blue trimmings
Doe@Ding Summerevent: Janet Blaauw
Doe@Ding Summerevent: Janet Blaauw
a wooden sign with a blue and white bus painted on it's side sitting on a deck
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Handmade VW Bus with Rope Beach Pallet Art by BeachByDesignCo on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/213792699/handmade-vw-bus-with-rope-beach-pallet
a wooden sign with a mermaid sitting on top of it next to a sea shell
Handmade Sand Dollar With Rope Beach Pallet Art, Nautical Art, Rope Art, Pallet Art, Coastal Decor, Gifts for Beach House, Gifts for Her - Etsy
This beachy piece of art is made from reclaimed pallet wood and is perfect for a nautical inspired beach house! Each sign is hand cut, hand sanded and hand painted. Each sign is made to order so no two will be exactly alike due to variations in the wood. All signs have a cable wire on the back for easy hanging. Dimensions are approximately 23 x 16 1/2 inches.
a pink flamingo painted on wood next to a shell
Handmade Hibiscus With Rope Beach Pallet Art Coastal Decor Rope Art Pallet Art - Etsy
Handmade Hibiscus with Rope Beach Pallet Art by BeachByDesignCo
a piece of wood with an image of a blue jellyfish on it
Catalog — M Street Artwork
two starfishs are made out of shells on a wooden board
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Starfish pallet. Shell starfish. Starfish art.