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Devil_May_Cry_Art_11b.jpg (1155×1400)

Vergil - DmC: Devil May Cry While the game itself is a bit hit-or-miss, they totally knocked Virgil's outfit design out of the park. A brocade longcoat, double breasted and with a quilted lining?

original mortal kombat scorpion & sub zero - Google Search

Mortal Kombat X video game is out now, and this fan art will make you want to play immediately

89999.jpg (400×808)

Once found in abundance on the slopes of vulcanoes, the extensive hunting for it by the Tygan Empire caused it to be extremely rare. Has arcane properties and emits light when headed.

Ear Cuff earring for men - Handmade Male Ear Cartilage Cuff Jewelry - Non Pierced Ear Cuff