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an image of the egyptian god with wings
Brief History of Assyrians
When the warlike Assyrians take over most of the Middle East, they adopt the language of the region's most widespread nomads, the Arameans, as the common language. Aramaic will also be adopted by the Babylonians & the Persians, surviving as the lingua franca of the Middle East until Muslim armies replace it with Arabic 1400 years later.
people are standing in front of an ancient building carved into the side of a cliff
9 Things To Do In Jordan
9 Reasons Why Jordan Is Middle East's Best Kept Secret
an info sheet shows the different types of ancient architecture and their locations in each country
Step Pyramids, Stepped Arched Entries, and Mummified Royal, similarities in ancient cultures, coincidence?
an egyptian relief with two men and one is holding a staff in his hand while another man
The Secret Of the Handbag In Ancient Stone Carvings And Statues
The Secret Of the Handbag In Ancient Stone Carvings And Statues ...
an ancient drawing of two men with spears
Bolivia and the Sumerian Connection
Bolivia and the Sumerian Connection
an old newspaper clipping with the caption that reads,'grant's skeleton found in river bank - tomahwk at his side
Ancient Giant Skeletons | Wednesday, July 16, 2014
an ancient bask with people and animals on it
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Ma chi erano veramente i Nephilim? Un indizio sulla loro identità potrebbe essere svelato dall’analisi del loro appellativo: “nephilim”. Tradizionalmente, il termine “nephilim” viene tradotto con “gi
a skeleton sitting on top of a glass table next to a lizard in a display case -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbsptravellingboomer Resources and Information.
Mermaids are real You thought the only mermaid in Copenhagen was the Little Mermaid down by the harbour? The Danish National Museum is here to prove you wrong. In fact, it has on display theA mermaid skeleton in the Danish National Museum skeleton of the Haraldskaer mermaid, discovered by a farmer while ploughing his field. (Click on the photo to see it larger.) The description says she was likely a member of the Asian branch of the mermaid family, which makes her a rare find in Europe — rare in