Our shredded chicken burgers are just one way that you can turn frozen crumbed chicken into a delicious dinner for the family.

Wok Your Way’s Hong Kong sweet-and-sour chicken - MyKitchen

Pesto chicken and bean bowl - MyKitchen

Made on a budget with only 5 ingredients, this chicken and bean bowl is even better when left to sit overnight and enjoyed for lunch the next day.

Three-cheese chicken Parmesan - MyKitchen

Chicken Parmesan on a budget? And with only 5 ingredients? Yep, we did it! Whip it up for dinner tonight, and you can thank us later.

Skinny chicken fried rice - MyKitchen

Good carbs have plenty of nutritional benefits if you are eating them properly. Just try our chicken fried rice to see for yourself.

BBQ pulled chicken sliders - MyKitchen

Set these pulled chicken sliders up outside when you have friends over and everyone can just grab and eat as they get hungry.

Chef Johan van Schalkwyk’s chicken mole nachos - MyKitchen

We visited Lust Bistro, one of the most renowned eateries in Franschhoek where chef Johan cooked us a delicious chocolatey treat, chicken mole nachos!

Shredded chicken and corn waffle tacos - MyKitchen

Save money by learning to cook delicious dishes with ready-made goods. Grab yourself a pack of toaster waffles to make these chicken and corn waffle tacos.

Chicken, couscous and watermelon salad - MyKitchen

Incorporate melon into your dinner by making this lovely watermelon salad. The chicken and couscous will bulk it up, helping you feel full.

Rainbow-stuffed chicken breasts - MyKitchen

Want to spend less on your groceries? Try my 50 monthly food shopping challenge

Chicken and swoodle stir-fry - MyKitchen

We just can’t get enough of sweet potato noodles! If you don’t have a spiraliser, just use your veggie peeler, then cook our chicken and swoodle stir-fry.

Spicy Moroccan chicken - MyKitchen

Need to whip up a mid-week meal in a jiffy? Our Moroccan chicken is filled with some of our favourite spices and will be on the table within 30 minutes.

Quick coq au vin - MyKitchen

This classic dish is so delicious, anyone should be able to make it in a flash. So we created this quick coq au vin recipe just for you!

Southern fried chicken - MyKitchen

A simple pack of chicken drumsticks has so much flavour potential without too much fuss. You can get the taste of moreish Southern fried chicken in a flash.

Tequila-lime chicken and corn salad - MyKitchen

If you love tequila makes an incredible cooking ingredient! Take inspo from refreshing margaritas, and whipped up this revolutionary tequila-lime chicken.