Naartjie grilled chicken - MyKitchen

We decided to feature naartjies in this week’s poultry recipe. Enjoy our naartjie grilled chicken for some tasty zing and a delicious vitamin C boost.

Bacon and egg gatsby - MyKitchen

A good old proudly South African gatsby doesn’t have to be as plain as meat, slap chips and tomato sauce.

Tangy boerewors pizza - MyKitchen

Let us show you how to make your own pizza dough from scratch and then use it to put together this local is lekker boerewors pizza.

Lamb and apricot sosaties

We love Cape Malay flavours and we bring them to life in these lovely lamb and apricot sosaties, with all the classics: turmeric, coriander, and more.

Sweet potato salad

Lungi Nhlanhla in MyKitchen shared her bright anchovy and sweet potato salad with us. Check her out at Lungi’s Corner for even more deliciousness.

Tomato bredie potjie

Friday braai day: Tomato bredie potjie with parsley pesto and potbrood - MyKitchen

Gutsy Green

I’ll admit, I can be lazy in the week when it comes to making supper. So when Gutsy Green called me to tell me all about their new start-up, I was all ears.

Friday braai day: Braaied yellowtail with samphire and seaweed

Friday braai day: Braaied yellowtail with samphire and seaweed - MyKitchen

Ginger biscuit and koeksister ice cream sandwiches

Pair the nostalgic flavour of sweet and syrupy koeksisters with spicy ginger biscuits and you have a cracking dessert on your hands.

All gold breakfast frittata

Serve up scrumptious family meals and give your kids a head start this new year with this tempting breakfast, crammed with ALL GOLD goodness and flavour.

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