Mushroom and baby marrow quesadillas

Take a break from chicken and cheese and stuff those wraps with this vegetarian filling instead by whipping up our mushroom and baby marrow quesadillas.

Sicilian sardine pasta

Gain a taste of Italy with this Sicilian sardine pasta with a whole bunch of ingredients you probably already have in your fridge and pantry.

Chicken koftas, butterbean hummus and dip

Something between a meatball and a sausage, these are great as an appetiser, but you can also make a meal of chicken koftas with flatbreads and a salad.

Moroccan meatballs with chargrilled brinjals

Brinjals are one of our favourite ingredients so we chargrilled them and served them with a batch of comforting Moroccan meatballs.

Dutch baby pancake

Have you ever tried this method of pancake making? Also known as a German pancake or a Dutch puff, it’s a sweet popover served for breakfast.

Cauliflower pizza with Greek lamb

We know cauliflower pizza bases are so four years ago, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a lovely idea and yummy to boot.

Mini toad-in-the-holes

Easy to make and delicious to eat, mini toad-in-the-holes are a great starter or snack that bring something unique to the table.


Got leftover chicken curry? Make some of our delicious wontons.

Thai-style scrambled eggs

This recipe gets creative with everyone’s go-to breakie staple - fluffy scrambled eggs! We’ve added a splash of coconut milk and a pinch of curry powder.

Chicken carnitas and cauli-rice burrito bowl - MyKitchen

Our chicken burrito bowl is not for the faint hearted but all the prep effort will be more than worth it.

Thai chicken and watermelon salad - MyKitchen

We will always make space for a fresh salad on the table. To make it more comforting for autumn, we added some Thai chicken to this watermelon salad.

Couscous tabbouleh

This meat-free meal is packed with plant protein and plenty of nutrients as well! This recipe will carry your couscous tabbouleh to new heights.

neapolitan ice cream

The best desserts are the ones that starting with a freezer staple and ending with creative and yummy add-ins.

Baked eggs

Here are our favourite ethnic-inspired breakfasts, flavoured with an eclectic mix of ingredients like chorizo, maize meal, spice blends, and chilli.

Spicy Spanish omelette

Look no further than our fragrant, budget-friendly Spanish omelette to give you the positive kick you need to start the day.