Superfood smoothie

Packed with iron, vitamins, heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and sweetened with honey… This is a superfood smoothie bomb in a jar!

Breakfast muffins

There’s nothing wrong with craving baked goods in the morning, and if you whip up a batch of our breakfast muffins this weekend, you can have just that.

Spicy popcorn

We decided to do something different and created a spicy popcorn for you to enjoy instead of the unhealthy butter flavoured variety.

Frozen fruity pops

These frozen fruity pops are perfect for summer and can be whipped up in less than 20 minutes, and that’s to make a whole week’s worth!

Asian chicken and sweet potato bake

We put a great spin on both the humble sweet potato bake and the chicken dinner by combining the two, and adding healthier ingredients and Asian flavours.

With love from the twins

Twin chefs cooking for the love of food, PLUS their ABC home-made froyo - MyKitchen

Strawberry and vanilla protein shake

Enjoy our power-packed strawberry and vanilla protein shake as a pre- or post-workout treat you’ll go back to over and over.

Banana flapjacks with maple syrup

These banana flapjacks are perfect for when you’re trying to cut out refined sugar, but still crave a delicious, sweet-tasting breakfast.

Espresso, choc chip, peanut butter and mint smoothie

Espresso, banana, peanut butter, dark chocolate chip and mint smoothie - MyKitchen

Warm lentil and Brussels sprout salad - MyKitchen

They are having a huge moment in the foodie spotlight these days; this Brussels sprout salad is a favourite of ours as a side to complement a meaty meal.

Chicken carnitas and cauli-rice burrito bowl - MyKitchen

Our chicken burrito bowl is not for the faint hearted but all the prep effort will be more than worth it.

Polenta with chickpea and mushroom ragout - MyKitchen

We love this starchy staple, It’s perfect for bulking up winter meals. Whip out our vegetarian mushroom ragout this meat-free Monday.

Thai chicken and watermelon salad - MyKitchen

We will always make space for a fresh salad on the table. To make it more comforting for autumn, we added some Thai chicken to this watermelon salad.

Broccoli and oat crustless quiche

If you are active during the day, you’ll need to recharge your batteries with plenty of lean protein and veggies. Enter our vegetarian crustless quiche!