Turkish eggs - MyKitchen

A recipe hailing from – you guessed it, Turkey – Turkish eggs are the brekkie or brunch with a twist you’ve been searching for.

Pita with scrambled egg, spinach and feta - MyKitchen

Do you need a brekkie that’s going to keep you full and feeling satisfied all day long? Look no further that our pita with scrambled egg.

Spirulina mermaid smoothie bowl - MyKitchen

Spirulina mermaid smoothie bowl - MyKitchen

Rawnola with berry nice cream - MyKitchen

Mix the raw trend and our love for granola, to create rawnola, with a wholesome berry-nice cream, and you really do have a breakfast for champions.

Banana flapjacks - MyKitchen

It’s breakfast time! How would you like a big batch of banana flapjacks topped with melting butter and a drizzling of honey?

Oat tarts with caramelised pears - MyKitchen

Looking for great brunch ideas? Look no further than our tasty oat tarts with caramelised pears.

Green shakshuka - MyKitchen

Have you ever considered using your slow cooker to cook your breakfast in advance? Let us show you how with this flavour-packed shakshuka!

Cardamom puffed rice fritters - MyKitchen

Puffed rice is so much more than just a bowl of cereal. We used it to make these game-changing cardamom puffed rice fritters.

Toasted naan with avo, roast tomato, dukkah and chorizo - MyKitchen

Enjoy a Mediterranean-style brekkie with your friends and family this holiday season. We went all out when we prepped this toasted naan platter.

Matcha pancakes with whipped coconut cream - MyKitchen

A deliciously green healthy treat and just the thing to wake you up in the morning. We rate you give our matcha pancakes a whirl this weekend.

French toast croque madame - MyKitchen

We love French toast so much that we just can’t help taking it to the next level. Who will be enjoying our French toast croque madame this weekend?

Bananarama puffed rice bowl - MyKitchen

That simple-seeming box of cereal in your grocery cupboard can be so much more when you use it to make our bananarama puffed rice bowl.

Almond granola and grapefruit bowls - MyKitchen

If you’re looking to enjoy an indulgent weekend brekkie that is still healthy, then our almond granola recipe is just for you! Tuck in!

Studded porridge with caramelised pears - MyKitchen

Do you need some weekend breakfast inspiration? Enter our magnificent studded porridge with caramelised pears.

Gooseberry toasties - MyKitchen

To finish off our trio of gooseberry brekkies, we thought we’d treat you to the recipe for these divine gooseberry toasties.

Stewed gooseberry and coconut porridge - MyKitchen

Add some freshness to your summer breakfasts with seasonal fruit. We are loving the gooseberry trend and we’re putting them in our coconut porridge.