mercury retrograde 18 may to 9 june

"When Mercury is retrograde in Gemini, you can expect problems with communication and electronics". I have seen this happen the last few days!

Aquarius Blue Moon and the Influence of Other Planets

The Aquarius New Moon is exact at EST. This New Moon marks the beginning of eclipse season which will run until March 12 th .

Kelley Rosano’s View on this Sagittarius Full Moon | Accurate Psychic Readings

Sagittarius Full Moon -- Tuesday June 2015 holds the best astrology - turning point

Venus is going Retrograde in Leo

Sandro Botticelli La nascita di Venere (The Birth of Venus)

saturn re-entering our lives this week

A film editor has assembled more than photos from the Cassini probe to make a short video of Saturn's rings.

March is an exciting month with Uranus squaring Pluto and a Super New Moon Eclipse coming up! #astrology #uranusplutosquare

Uranus Square Pluto: What's the Fuss? Get the scoop on the biggest Astrology event of the year

Aquarians born in 1962, you are amazing! #aquarius #psychic #trueclairvoyant

Aquarius (♒) (Greek: Ύδροχόος, "Hudrokhoös", Latin: "Aquārius") is the eleventh astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation Aquarius.