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Image: 25 Missing You Quotes | Quotes & humor

This is just sad. "I want to say I miss you. But it wouldn't change a thing so ill just keep on pretending i dont.

Love Quotes >when I get on the roller coasters...haha

You still make me feel them after 3 years. I'll always feel them baby love ❤

An Endless Pursuit

I can't wait to see you. I can't wait to see your beautiful face and swim in your beautiful eyes. I love your beautiful blue eyes. Your beautiful brown eyes, baby.

Come here, I miss you Daddy ❤

Living apart now is very difficult but there are certain moments when it just hits you like a sucker punch to the gut and it seems like the only thing that matters in the entire universe at that instant is being with the person that you adore.

I would just slowly fall asleep on top of you with my arm around you has you play in my hair telling me good night

I love you beyond your imagination. I want my ear pressed against your chest. listening to your heartbeat. taking in every beat! I love you Voetmann