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Ginkgo biloba leaves, golden with autumn ~ by horticultural art, aka Fred on…

Art Nouveau Column tiling at Liverpool’s Victoria Building like the tile but not the colour. I live with a man's man, lilac or pink fru-fru might end our perfect marriage. go for deeper colours

LONGHORN art, canvas: "Longhorn cattle are packed in during a roundup. The Fort Niobrara National Wild life Refuge is one of only two in the entire system that has "true to form" Tex as longhorns. They were being crossbred out of existence at the turn of the century. All the longhorns on the refuge have a pedigree and their genetics are tracked carefully." (western, wild_wild_west)

LONGHORN art, canvas: We have a Longhorn/Park White cross. Thank goodness her calves are hornless.

The World's Most Beautiful Tree Bark: Cedric Pollet

The World's Most Beautiful Tree Bark

COUTE ECORCE Cedric Pollet / There are about a dozen species in the genus Arbutus, trees found in southern Europe and the western part of North America. They are known as strawberry trees in Europe and madrones in the U.

Remember gold wall installation from Gold Leaf in High Design.

It's not the same thing, but I wonder if you could dunk nuts or something into metallic paint to fill up jars or bowls for decor.

Ottolino Photography. Pompadour. Orange lip. Lipgloss. Lips. Collar. Coat. Caramel. Red hair. Updo. Hair. Makeup by Andrea C. Samuels.  Wardrobe by Abigail Lipp. Model Brianna of Factor Women.

Photography by OTTOLINO. Makeup and Hair by Andrea C. Wardrobe by Abigail Lipp.